A well-balanced diet, fresh air and regular exercise are vital for childs development.

We provide all children in our care with a wide variety of healthy, balanced and nutritious meals, snacks and drinks. Before your child starts at the setting we will obtain any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies, and any special health requirements.

Children are provided with age-appropriate crockery and eating utensils.

Our main meal tends to be served in the afternoon. Children will be served a small manageable meal and they will be encouraged to eat all of the components. If they finish the meal they are offered seconds and can choose which parts of their meal they would like more of.

When children have finished their meal they will be offered a healthy dessert i.e. fresh fruit, yoghurt, jelly etc. (please see menu for details)

All main meals are prepared and cooked in the Happy Cow Café on the farm.

If a child has a genuine dislike for a food then they will not be served it but when a child goes through a fussy phase we shall still offer it and encourage them to eat it.

Allergies, cultural and religious requirements will be catered for (we may require medical proof for allergies).

In the warmer weather, we may eat outside and this could involve taking a picnic into the farm.

At meal and snack time children are given a choice of water or milk to drink. The children have access to water whenever they want.

A mid-morning & afternoon snack is provided details of which can be found on our menu.

We have 2 Menus on rotation and generally change the menu for Winter / Summer.