A typical day at Finkley Down Farm Nursery & Preschool

On a typical day at Finkley Down Farm Nursery & Preschool your child will experience a fun-filled, action packed day in a warm and enriching environment.

On arrival, you will be welcomed at the reception area by one of our team where your child will be registered as present. This is when you will say goodbye to your child and leave them in our care. Your child will bring their kit bag with them and change into their slippers before completing self-registration.

Your child will be encouraged to be independent in their selection of activities throughout the day, selecting which area they would like to play in or visit. Our staff will ensure that they are exposed to a range of activities and experiences but allowing the child to have ownership of their learning. They may choose to visit the animals at the farm, take part in the messy play, go and cook in our fully fitted, child size working kitchen or sit quietly and read a book in our sensory room. You can be guaranteed that they will have a fun-filled, varied day.

Each child’s development will be closely monitored by our staff by using an online learning journal called Tapestry. This will record each child’s development in conjunction with the early year’s foundation stage (EYFS).

Children will have breakfast, a healthy snack mid-morning and afternoon which they will have the opportunity to help clear up. They have access to unlimited drinks of water throughout the day which they are encouraged to help themselves to.

Children will have a lunch which will be a light meal such as soup or a wrap. Again, children will be encouraged to help prepare and clear up the meal.

Before the children go home, our delicious hot dinners are supplied by the chefs at The Happy Cow Café. A sample menu can be accessed on our website. The meals are delivered to us and the children sit together to eat.

You will collect your child from the reception area at the end of the day and take their kit bag home with them each day.

In the evening you can log into our parent’s area and see what your child has done during the day and talk to them about it.

If you want to find out more then please click the find out more button below to book a visit to see our day first hand.

Opening Times

Monday – Friday
7.30 am – 6.00 pm


Finkley Down Farm Nursery, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 6NF